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Are you like us and are VERY picky about what you put on your hair? Well, you should be! Your hair is your crown that you wear everyday! Here are some products that we use on the daily to keep our hair frizz-free and full of life!

1. Magic Sleek's Acai Buriti Marajuca oil

Let me tell you, this stuff is actual magic. Not only does it smell AMAZING, it actually works. It can be used on wet or dry hair, and it keeps it frizz-free and shiny all day. It's super light weight and won't weigh down course hair.

Check it out HERE

2. Magic Sleek Conditioner

For all my no shampoo friends, between this and the oil, I am SET. It keeps my hair super soft and my magic sleek treatment last the full six months with it. It comes in two sizes which is nice because I feel like I run out of conditioner SO FAST. With the 1l bottle and I'm set for a while.

Check it out Here

3.Magic Sleek Shampoo

This Shampoo is great. It doesn't dry out your hair and works in tandem with your Magic Sleek to make sure it LASTS. It also smells so good. Nothing better than that fresh shampoo smell. It also isn't tested on animals which is always great!

You can check it out HERE

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Magic Sleek only sells to licensed hair professionals. 

*Natural gray hair from roots to ends can be discolored. Treatment can be performed if hair is color-treated afterward.

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