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Why You Need To Create A Hair Care Routine For Your Hair’s Growth

Many people take meticulous care of their skin and body and pay little attention to their hair. As a result, your hair may look tough and hardy, but it is still subject to the elements, air and water pollutants, and stress of everyday styling.

To have a long, lustrous mane that feels as good as your skin, you need a hair care routine complete with all the right products. This routine will nourish your scalp, roots, and hair structure to ensure continuous growth and health.

Reasons why a hair care routine is essential for hair growth:

  • To keep your hair moisturized

Your hair always has difficulty remaining adequately moisturized, even when the seasons indicate otherwise. Therefore, a hair care regime should impart moisture to your hair and help it maintain it throughout the day. To boost your hair’s moisture levels, you want to include natural hair oil that binds the moisture to the hair structure.

  • To have hair that looks healthy and great

The last thing you want is dull hair whose texture and color are off. Therefore, a daily hair care routine is important, whether you have an intricate style or are feeling more casual and have left your hair free-flowing. On the other hand, if you prefer to go all out with daily hair washes and styling with heat and gels, your hair will eventually suffer stress. However, with an infusion of the right, nutrient-rich products, your hair will look amazing compared to if you just combed it out hurriedly and left the house. Moreover, your hair will rebound from applying dyes, relaxers, heat, and other harsh treatments.

  • To protect your hair from UV rays

The sun’s harsh UV rays are not only harmful to your skin but to your hair as well. These high-energy rays destroy the protein structure of your hair. Ensure your daily hair care routine includes a moisturizer to prevent your hair from drying. Also, condition your scalp regularly to help it regenerate itself in case of sun damage.

  • To reduce tangling

Tangled and messy hair can ruin your morning, and one way to reduce the level of detangling you have to do is to have a routine that includes coconut oil and Argan oil. These hair oils will not make your hair greasy; they will add a subtle sheen to your hair and soften it to make it easier to detangle.

  • To reduce breakage

A regular hair maintenance routine should also reduce hair loss to ensure that the rate of hair growth remains greater than that of shedding. Regular conditioning and treatment with the right oils should also prevent split ends and eliminate annoying fly-aways, leading to sleek, long, and voluminous hair.

  • To reduce frizz

Frizz is common among people that prefer letting their hair flow freely. However, thanks to changes in humidity or friction, the charge can build up in your hair, leading to annoying hair static. Static leaves your hair frizzy and difficult to manage. Overuse of the high bun or ponytail styles also thins the hairline and makes it frizzy. Regular hair maintenance with a hydrating leave-in conditioner or anti-frizz spray should improve your hair’s appearance. 

Reliable hair care routine activities:

  • First things first: determine your hair type

Your hair type will help you select the right products and methods for hair care. Some hair characteristics you need to help you determine include:

  • Natural hair volume
  • Whether it is fine or coarse,
  • Porosity (it’s capacity for product absorption and moisture retention)
  • Hair texture (straight, wavy, curly, or coiled)
  • Elasticity, which should determine how much styling your hair can withstand
  • Determine your wash routine

Less is more when washing your hair, as too much washing will strip it of its natural oils. You should not wash your hair more than three times a week. If you often exercise or do hot yoga, adjust your washing routine to fit your schedule. Also, use warm water rather than hot, conditioner on the middle and roots, then rinse thoroughly.

  • Dry your hair right

Soak up your hair’s excess water with a microfiber towel without rubbing, which will break your damp hair. If you can, allow your hair to dry on its own. Limiting your hair’s exposure to heat will boost its integrity. If you must use a drier, apply a hair protectant before drying. You can then style your hair with a flat iron or curling wand.

  • Moisturize your hair daily

Your hair and scalp need moisture, without which you will experience hair breakage and loss as well as dandruff. Use a water-based moisturizing lotion with valuable components like aloe and Vitamin E on your hair.

  • Oil your hair regularly

Oiling will prevent the moisture in your hair from getting lost to the environment, so lather your hair and scalp with coconut oil to seal it from roots to ends. Other amazing oils for hair growth and shine are Argan oil and the Magic Sleek Acai Oil.

  • Get your ends trimmed

Getting a haircut at least every six months will help your hair grow fast by eliminating dead ends. Trimmed hair also looks much better, with no frizz or split ends.

  • Massage your scalp

While relaxing, a scalp massage will boost blood flow, thus increasing oxygen and nutrient supply to your hair roots. Better blood flow within your scalp will jumpstart your hair’s growth and health.

  • Condition your hair often

Protein-based conditioners are excellent for rebuilding damaged hair, boosting hair volume, and sustaining relaxed and/or color-treated hair. Deep hair treatment with reliable conditioners such as the Magic Sleek emergency repair treatment kit should be done at least once every fortnight. However, depending on your hair type and condition, you can vary the frequency. You can also use a leave-in conditioner as a detangling solution and as part of daily hair care.


Adding a hair care routine to your overall day should help you see every need for your hair and scalp. The right products are also vital in maintaining long, voluminous, and enviable hair that will, in return, boost your confidence.