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Innovative hair straightening system with great wash & wear results

Innovative hair straightening system that has wash & wear results. A formaldehyde-free product that restores the health of your hair, eliminates frizz and redefines curls. Maintenance products ensure the longevity of the Magic Sleek treatment for up to 6 months.

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Magic Sleek is designed to smooth and straighten your locks without the use of harsh chemicals. Instead, we use a blend of nourishing, natural ingredients to protect and nourish your hair while providing a sleek, frizz-free finish. Our treatment is suitable for all hair types and can be applied at the salon. Magic Sleek is safe for use on colored hair and our aftercare products can even help extend the life of your color treatment.
Express Kit (0.5 - 1 Liter)

Before/After Results

Eliminates Frizz

Magic Sleek rejuvenates lackluster hair by locking in moisture and restoring shine.

Straightens Hair

Our unique formula transforms and strengthens even the most difficult and damaged hair.

Redefines Curls

Fully customizable, allowing you to enhance and redefine curls, adding shine and life to hair. 

3 step Magic Sleek starter kit

After years of offering popular keratin smoothing and straightening treatments in her salon, the owner learned of the harmful effects of formaldehyde exposure from these treatments. With the health of her staff and clientele in mind, she set out to create a healthier alternative for both stylists and clients alike. Working closely with chemists, she developed a new and innovative way to straighten hair, tame frizz and redefine curls, all while avoiding caustic chemicals, such as formaldehyde.


Learn more about the professional Magic Sleek straightening treatments, and explore our full line of high quality styling tools and nutrient-rich aftercare products! 

Magic Sleek 3 Step Straightening Kit Traditional

Bring the Magic to Your Salon

Shampoo and Conditioner

Maintaining the Magic at Home

Bring the magic to your clients by getting Magic Sleek Certified! Our live, hands-on classes are hosted by a certified educator who will go into depth about everything Magic Sleek! Working individually with each attendee, an educator will teach attendees how to customize and perfect the Magic Sleek treatments, how to specifically cater to different hair textures and colors, and everything in-between!

Magic Sleek Certificate of completion

Use Our Salon Locator to Find a Certified Hair Stylist Near You