Professional FAQ

After setting up a professional account, Magic Sleek professional products can be purchased directly through our online store (link to professional store page) or by contacting our office directly at (732) 536-1660 / (888) 646-6592.

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Magic Sleek works on all hair types and textures, including henna dyed. It can be applied over other straightening treatments and is suitable for anyone. If you have any individual concerns, you can check our list of ingredients.

When hair is fully gray (from roots to ends) the Magic Sleek treatment causes the color to turn yellow due to the lack of pigmentation. To preserve your client’s salt and pepper look, we do not recommend using Magic Sleek.

Magic Sleek contains no formaldehyde or harsh chemicals, but we always recommend consulting with your physician.
Click here for a full list of ingredients found in Magic Sleek.

The Magic Sleek Traditional 3 Step treatment is the most potent of the formulas with results lasting up to six months. The 3 steps are formulated to straighten, defrizz, or redefine any hair type.

Magic Sleek Express is a two step smoothing treatment offering results lasting up to four months. Magic Sleek Express is recommended for clients with naturally straight to wavy hair or for clients with more textured hair looking to defrizz or retain curls.

Heat is not needed in order to process Step 2. However, if you are working on a client who has a hair type that does not require rinsing before flat ironing, you can sit them under the dryer so that hair can dry and process at the same time. A plastic cap is not needed.

Hair should be 100% dry before you begin flat ironing.

Magic Sleek maintenance products promote the longevity of your client’s Magic Sleek treatment. These products can ensure beautiful results lasting up to 6 months for the Magic Sleek Traditional treatment, and up to 4 months with the Magic Sleek Express process. Unlike other treatments, Magic Sleek is not compatible with a sulfate-free shampoo due to the difference in formulation of our treatment. Selling maintenance products to your clients will result in additional profit for your salon.

The deep conditioning Magic Sleek Emergency Repair Treatment can be used as often as necessary. We suggest using it every 1-2 weeks. The treatment should be left in for 25 minutes, or the client can sleep with it overnight without any worry of negative side effects.

Color or a glaze can be applied immediately after Magic Sleek. We recommend coloring hair after Magic Sleek, rather than before, since the treatment can lift the color of the hair.

We recommend waiting 2 weeks to use any bleach on your client after Magic Sleek. There is no wait time for doing Magic Sleek after highlights/balayage, however we recommend doing these services 14 days later to ensure the tone does not change.

Magic Sleek can be reapplied as often as necessary, and there is no wait time to reapply the treatment. The Magic Sleek reapplication process is the same as the initial treatment, with only a small adjustment to the flat-ironing technique. When flat-ironing, pass over areas of re-growth more, and the ends less.

You can safely redo a Magic Sleek treatment the same day if you find certain areas need more flat ironing. If you are redoing the process the same day, start with Step 2 and proceed. If it is the next day or later, start with Step 1.