Magic Sleek Emergency Repair Kit



About The Product:

Magic Sleek Emergency Repair is a potent deep conditioning treatment that works to penetrate the hair cuticle, delivering intense hydration. Packed with nutrient-rich ingredients such as Mineral Oil, these treatments fight against static and frizz. Mineral oil is a good lubricant, and thus performs well as a detangler. It deposits onto the surface of hair strands and forms films, which gives it fantastic smoothing and emollient properties.  Thus, acting as a protective barrier. In addition, Mineral Oil helps to minimize frizz by preventing penetration of moisture into the hair in humid conditions.  Emergency Repair treatments are a great fit for any head of hair. They are especially recommended for dry, damaged, or lackluster hair.

Emergency Repair can be paired with the Magic Sleek treatments to enhance results. They can also be used separately to enhance the shine and texture of any hair type. With regular and correct use, hair will become more manageable, feel softer and become healthier. These potent, nutrient-rich treatments can be applied with ease in the comfort of your own home. They are conveniently sized at .33 oz./vial – perfect for traveling!

For detailed instructions on how to use: How to Use Our Magic Sleek Products. For a list of ingredients in this product: Ingredients