A Customizable Salon Hair Straightening System

This formaldehyde-free straightening system can effectively transform any hair type, offering results lasting up to six months! Magic Sleek works to improve the health of the hair by creating a protective layer around the hair shaft, eliminating frizzy hair and smoothing the cuticle.

The Three Steps:

  • Step 1 is a combination of foam-boosting, anti-static & emolliating agents. This anti-residue purifying shampoo prepares for the Magic Sleek treatment by opening the cuticles and deep-cleaning hair.
  • Step 2 Bonding Solution works with the heat of the flat iron to coat, bond & nourish hair. The use of Tannins in Step 2 boosts the effectiveness of the Magic Sleek treatment, as Tannic Acids easily bind to the keratin proteins found in hair.
  • Formulated with a custom blend of rich and nourishing ingredients, Step 3 Finisher helps to ensure beautiful & long lasting shine. The combination of emolliating, viscosity-increasing, and anti-static agents work to penetrate the hair shaft and seal the treatment in.


  • Infused with conditioning and anti-static agents, Magic Sleek Maintenance Shampoo nourishes your hair while giving it a deep cleanse from the day’s activities. Many of the ingredients are derived from coconut oil; some benefits of coconut oil include stimulating hair growth, repairing damaged hair, and moisturizing your scalp! Altogether, our shampoo works to eliminate frizzy hair all while repairing split ends, smoothing the hair, and coating the cuticle to prevent further damage and breakage.
  • Magic Sleek Maintenance Conditioner was crafted with a blend of high performing ingredients that work to repair, protect, and add shine to hair. Its ultra-hydrating formula, enriched with fatty acids and vitamins, boosts shine, smoothness, and strength. Furthermore, fruit and essential oil extracts such as apple, green tea, and olive, provide antioxidants that work to promote healthy hair growth. Recommended by Sarah Jessica Parker, James Franco, and featured on The New York Times/Page Six, our maintenance conditioner fits into any hair care routine.

Overall, our shampoo and conditioner nourish, moisturize, and protect your hair – keeping it sleeker, stronger, and eliminating frizzy hair with each wash!


  • Magic Sleek Acai Oil An oil carefully crafted with nutrient-rich ingredients derived from the Amazon rainforest. Acai, derived from the fruit of Euterpe Oleracea, deposits rich, fatty acids that help to enhance shine and add life to hair. Additionally, acai berries contain vitamin A and E that help protect against environmental damage. Acai lessens exposure to chemicals and toxins by creating a protective barrier for your hair,. Maracuja, also known as Passion Fruit, adds and locks in moisture to the hair. Maracuja helps to prevent the formation of dandruff, in addition to promoting strength and growth. Buriti strengthens hair cells to reduce breakage and split ends, resulting in enhanced natural shine. This non-greasy, weightless oil will keep your hair smooth and sleek- all while promoting healthy hair growth. Quoted as being “Liquid Gold” by Hoda Kotb on the Today Show, our Acai Oil is a must try.
  • Magic Sleek Emergency Repairs Potent deep conditioning treatments that work to penetrate the hair cuticle, delivering intense hydration. Packed with nutrient-rich ingredients such as Mineral Oil, these treatments fight against static and frizz. Mineral oil is a generous lubricant, and thus performs well as a detangler. It deposits onto the surface of hair strands and forms films, which gives it fantastic smoothing and emollient properties. In addition, Mineral Oil helps to minimize frizz by preventing penetration of moisture into the hair in humid conditions. Emergency Repair treatments are a great fit for any head of hair. They are especially recommended for dry, damaged, or lackluster hair. Hence, with regular and correct use, hair will become more manageable, feel softer and become healthier. Not only can these hair masks be applied the comfort of your own home, but are conveniently sized at .33 oz./Vial – perfect for traveling!

Hair Tool

  • Magic Sleek Pro Titanium Flat Irons
    • Our irons create dramatic results on even the frizziest and coarsest of hair. Crafted from two titanium plates to deliver heat fast and evenly, the iron reaches temperatures up to 460 degrees.
    • MCH intelligent temperature-control technology with instant heat-up in 30 seconds
    • 100% titanium floating plates provide effortless and tug-free styling
    • Plates close tightly to evenly heat the hair, providing accuracy and effectiveness
    • Multifunctional styling tool, made with beveled edges allowing you to create curls and flips
    • Auto-locks when desired temperature is reached
    • Slim design and ultra lightweight for convenience and comfort
    • Available in two sizes, 1 Inch and 1.75 Inches

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