Magic Sleek Owner

 Magic Sleek was created in 2013 by a stylist and salon owner in New Jersey. After years of offering popular smoothing and straightening treatments in her salon, she learned of the harmful effects of Formaldehyde exposure from these treatments. With the health of her staff and clientele in mind, she then set out to create a healthier alternative for both stylists and clients alike. Working closely with chemists, she developed a new and innovative way to straighten hair, tame frizz and redefine curls, all while avoiding the harsh chemicals hidden in other treatments. List of Ingredients.

Magic Sleek is a customizable hair straightening treatment designed specifically to transform, strengthen and rejuvenate hair. With smooth, shiny and sleek results lasting up to six months, Magic Sleek promotes healthy growth by nourishing the cuticles and scalp. Magic Sleek can achieve pin-straight hair, can straighten hair while maintaining volume, or can remove frizz and re-define curls entirely.