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Best Products to Reduce Hair Static This Winter

Have you ever wondered why you have more hair static in the winter? This is because static electricity is conducted away from you when there is water vapor in the air. The winter months are drier and there is less moisture in the air, which results in increased hair static. 

While this can be a major annoyance during the winter months, there are some easy ways that you can tame the static and prevent frizzy hair during the winter!

Do you want to learn more about the simplest ways to increase hair hydration to keep your hair smooth and static-free? Keep reading this guide for the best products to use to fight hair static this winter. 

Use Heat Protection Spray

One of the easiest ways you can keep your hair smooth and free of static during the winter is to use heat protection spray on your hair. Not only does this protect your hair from heat damage when you style it, but it will also help you keep your hair moisturized and hydrated. 

A heat protectant adds an extra layer of moisture and forms a protective barrier on your strands of hair. This way, the heat from your styling tools will not remove the natural moisture and oil in your hair!

This will keep your hair smooth and can prevent static and breakage. 

Invest in a Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner

Because dry hair only makes hair static worse, you need to invest in a hydrating shampoo and conditioner. This will nourish your hair and will add back some of the moisture that is absent during the dry winter months. 

It is also important that you limit washing your hair if possible. If you wash your hair every day, it can strip the natural oils and moisture from your hair, which will only make the static worse. 

Instead, you should try to wash your hair only a few times a week. You can also wash your hair with lukewarm water, as hot water will strip your hair of moisture as well. 

Switch Your Hair Brush

When it comes to hair static, something that can make it even worse is brushing your hair. This is because it creates friction with your hair strands and the electrons from your brush can transfer to your hair. 

It is best to avoid brushing your hair too many times each day!

If you need to brush your hair, adding a bit of water to your brush before using it will help you increase the moisture in your hair to prevent static. You should also avoid using a bristle brush when combing through your hair. 

Another simple alternative is to replace your brush with a wide-tooth comb. This will prevent split ends and frizz. 

Apply Leave-In Conditioner 

After washing your hair, you may want to apply some type of leave-in conditioner or serum to your hair. This is an easy fix for many different hair problems and can smooth away the frizz in your hair. 

You can use a dime-sized amount of leave-in conditioner in your wet hair to make it easier to detangle your hair and to add shine to your hair once it is dry. 

If you wake up with frizzy hair, you can also use a small amount of hair oil or hair serum to smooth your flyaways. Make sure you don’t add too much, as this can make your hair look greasy!

One of the best types of anti-frizz hair serums you can use is acai oil. It is a non-greasy and weightless oil that can keep your hair smooth without making it look oily. 

Use a Weekly Hair Mask

There are many ways that you can add moisture to your hair. One of the best options is to use a weekly hydrating hair mask. A hair mask is similar to traditional conditioners, but typically has ingredients that are more concentrated.

Plus, you leave masks on your hair for much longer!

Rather than adding this to your wet hair, you typically apply a hair mask to your dry hair. Leave it on for about 20 minutes before rinsing it with cold or lukewarm water! This will seal your hair cuticles and ensure that your hair retains moisture. 

You can use a weekly deep conditioning treatment with other hydrating products, like a hair serum. 

Use an Emergency Repair Treatment

Finally, you should consider using an emergency repair treatment to have frizz-free hair. This will help those that struggle with fragile hair and will repair damage and restore life to your hair. 

Not only will this hair care product fight against static and frizz, but it will also provide an intense shine and softness to your hair. 

Our emergency repair treatment is packed with nutrient-rich ingredients that will fight against hair static and frizz. For example, mineral oil lubricates the hair and forms a protective barrier on each strand. 

The oil in this treatment will also provide deep hydration for your hair, even in the driest conditions. 

Dealing With Hair Static? Find the Right Hair Treatment Today

Dealing with hair static can be a huge annoyance in the winter months. It can completely ruin any hairstyle and make you feel uncomfortable! Using each of these products can help you avoid frizzy hair and flyaways, no matter the season. 

If you need help finding the right hair treatment for hair static, Magic Sleek can help! We offer hair maintenance products to keep your hair smooth and healthy, no matter what. 

Check out our website today to shop for our products that will save and restore your hair!

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