Hair Brushes and Using Them Based on Hair Type

Did you know that the average head of hair grows about 6 inches every year? When you’re trying to grow out your hair and keep it healthy, you’re going to need to practice proper hair care, and that means using good hair brushes. But the problem is that not all hair brushes are the same and not all hair is the same.

For example, a dry brush for hair might be better for one type compared to another. If you use the wrong types of hairbrushes, your hair could end up frizzy and damaged. But what should you look for when choosing between a hair dryer brush, hair straightening brush, a round brush, and more?

Keep reading and learn how to choose the best type of hairbrush for you based on your hair type.

Best Brushes for Fine Hair

Fine hair is very delicate and much thinner than normal types of hair. For that reason, if you use something like a curly hair brush for your thin, straight hair, you will likely end up with hair damage. This is not to mention that fine hair doesn’t spring back from damage as well as other types of hair. 

Instead, you will want to choose a brush that will protect your hair as much as possible. Among some of the hairbrush types you should choose from, you should consider a heat-resistant brush or a boar brush. Whatever the case, it should always be a high-quality, non-metal brush.

That’s because metal brushes will end up damaging your hair. Keep in mind that your hair comes with its own natural oils. These oils keep your hair naturally shiny, moisturized, and healthy. 

But if the oils don’t have the chance to spread across your hair, they will gather on your scalp and make your hair look greasy. That’s one of the reasons why you will want to use a boar brush. Boar brushes are made of soft boar hairs that function to take the oil from your scalp and smooth it across the length of your hair. 

That way, your natural oils will have the chance to coat your hair so that it will be moisturized and healthy. Some boar brushes are soft but others come with stiffer bristles. These bristles can be helpful if you need to detangle your hair once in a while. 

But remember not to brush your hair too hard. With fine hair, the last thing you want to do is pull out any healthy hairs from your scalp. Otherwise, your hair will start to look thinner than it already is. 

Best Brushes for Curly Hair

Curly hair can be a hassle to deal with (which is why Magic Sleek flat irons exist), and if you want to display the natural beauty of your hair, you will have to use the best brush. Otherwise, your curly hair could quickly become a frizzy and untamable mess. Many people with curly hair don’t end up brushing their hair at all because the brush only leaves their hair worse off than before. 

However, if this has happened to you, it’s only because you weren’t considering the different types of hairbrushes at the time. Unlike fine hair, curly hair tends to be much stronger, drier, and more prone to frizz. For that reason, a boar brush wouldn’t be ideal for you. 

The soft boar bristles wouldn’t be able to benefit your hair very much. Instead, you will need a much sturdier kind of brush. For example, try investing in a firm comb with plenty of space between each tooth. 

By using this kind of comb in the shower, you will have the chance to detangle your hair and you will minimize the damage to your hair. A lot of the damage that curly hair gets is when you try to brush it when it is still dry. As a result, your hair will end up being very frizzy. 

But as long as you brush it in the shower when your hair is wet, you shouldn’t have to worry about this problem. If you don’t like combs, you can also settle for a brush with hard bristles. The key is to find a very sturdy brush that can tackle your curls

Otherwise, the brush won’t be able to get through your curls and it might just end up pulling out strands of your hair. 

Best Brushes for Straight Hair

Straight hair isn’t as hard to manage as curly hair, but it can still be hard to keep healthy, especially when it’s long. For example, if you have a lot of long, straight hair, a small brush would take forever to get through all of that hair. Instead, you would want a much larger brush such as a paddle brush. 

These brushes are large and square or rectangular, allowing them to cover plenty of surface area. They usually have several detangling bristles to keep your hair smooth. Some also come with boar hair bristles. 

Using boar brushes is important if you have long, straight hair. That’s because it will be difficult for your hair’s oils to spread down towards the ends of your hair. As a result, the ends of your hair will be quite dry.

As long as you use a brush with boar bristles, you will be able to keep your hair healthy and shiny. 

Choosing the right kind of brush for your hair type is essential; otherwise, your hair might end up becoming damaged from improper brushing. On the other hand, by choosing the right brush, your hair will be healthier than ever before. 

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